Saturday, 31 January 2015

Thoughts of the week: Marvel Universe ends and Fantastic Four trailer.

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Okay, a new regular article I plan on writing, I look at the big news this week and make some comments. I can’t say that you’ll agree, but let’s see what you think.

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Marvel Universe ending but it’s totally not a reboot. Stop calling it a reboot. Why does everyone think it’s a reboot?

Okay, even though some Marvel fans are denying it left, right and centre are denying that Marvel is rebooting the universe, I’m not sure that there’s another name for it. Sure, maybe it won’t be a full-on, nothing-matters-anymore-style reboot, but the evidence is pointing towards a reboot of some kind. The big question seems to be what kind of reboot we’re talking about.

Although it would make me lose faith in Marvel for the rest of my life, I’m anticipating that Marvel will likely place the X-men, Spider-Man and Fantastic Four in a universe separate to 616. That way, Marvel can still make money off the considerable X-Men and Spider-Man fanbases without having to admit that they exist to the franchises in the MCU. It sounds pessimistic, but look at the facts; the Fantastic Four has been cancelled partially due to bad sales, partially because Marvel doesn’t care for Fox Studios. The X-Men are slowly being phased out by the Inhumans, and Spider-Man’s place in 616 isn’t as significant as it once was. We need to face facts; Marvel is by-and-large a movie studio now and comics are quickly being repurposed as commercials, no matter what Tom Brevoot says.

Oh, the reviews of movies that
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That Fantastic Four Trailer

We spent a good long time riffing on Trank’s Fantastic Four reboot, haven’t we? But now that trailer has launched and…

Well, I’m not going to say we’re shutting up, but we’re a bit less sure about how awful it’s going to be now, aren’t we?

It’s time we just admitted that, as fans, we don’t know as much as we think we do. We thought Affleck couldn’t be an imposing Batman until the pictures dropped. We were ready to dismiss Days of Future Past and it ended up being one of the greatest X-Men films to date, and need I mention Guardians of the Galaxy, which was supposed to be Marvel’s Achilles’ heel? We’ll never learn, will we?

Personally, I get the feeling it’s going to be average- The Amazing Spider-Man-standard work. But I may find myself being blown away by it anyway. Currently, I’m intrigued about the interpretation, but don’t see myself getting blown away.

And currently, that’s all. Your thoughts?

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