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New Warrirors Volume 1: The Kids Are All Fight (Marvel NOW!) Review

New Warriors Volume 1: The Kids Are All Fight

Chances bloooowwwwn,
Nothing's freeeeeee,
Longing foooooooorrrrr,
Used to beeeeeeeee!
Writers: Christopher Yost

Artists: Marcus To and Nick Roche

Collects: New Warriors #1-6 and material from The Amazing Spider-Man #1

Background Information:

The New Warriors are HARDLY the most popular superhero team in the Marvel universe; they destroyed the entire of Stamford, Connecticut which started the super-hero Civil War.

In the real world, they’ve never exactly been front-and-centre of Marvel’s going-ons, and therefore, haven’t earned much mainstream attention. As such, a fresh start was entirely plausible for the team. All you need to know for this book is that Kaine Parker, Spider-Man’s clone, has taken on the role of Scarlet Spider and is hiding in Mexico.


Y’know, sometimes Marvel just makes me mad.

We’ve had, in Marvel NOW!, what; eight Avengers titles? Nine X-Men ones? We’re set to have three Inhumans books, and somehow justified three Wolverines?

Yet New Warriors, one not directly connected with any of these gets cancelled? It’s not even bad; which is more than I could say for schlock like Uncanny Avengers (at least, if the first volume is anything to go by). Oh well, that’s Marvel for you.

Still does whatever a Spider-Man wouldn't
If you want to get technical, The Kids Are All Fight spins out of Infinity, but it’s hardly central to the story. The High Evolutionary, an odd man in a metal suit is out to destroy all altered humans- mutants, clones, inhumans, atlantians, cosmic, magical or scientifically-altered people and demigods are all on the chopping block to the evolutionaries. Naturally a team consisting of exactly one of each of these kinds of people (excluding magical) forms: Justice, Sun-Girl, Faira Sar Namora of Atlantis, an inhuman named Haechi, Speedball, Nova, Scarlet Spider and Hummingbird. Their mission is to stop the mass genocide of multiple races.

I’ll be honest; I bought this one because I thought it was going to be a continuation of Yost’s Scarlet Spider series, and to a certain point, it is. That said, it’s more of a team book than anything else in Marvel’s line up. We flit between multiple characters, and get a really good taste of what their all about. Yost is, in my opinion, an underrated comics writer. He’s given each character a very distinct personality and his dialogue is fun to read. What makes him better than most industry heavyweights, however, like Brian Michael Bendis, is that his character development doesn’t come at the expense of action, but rather because of it. Fights change these characters and it’s great to see in The Kids Are All Fight.

I’ll admit, the first story arc in this series is much better than the second, which feels a lot like filler, and doesn’t add a whole lot to the team. There are some funny moments here, which I appreciated, but Yost ignores some of the bigger mysteries surrounding the group in favour of this, which I found annoying more than anything.

There’s no way you’re going to write home about anything in this book’s artwork. It’s fairly standard fare that does its job well, but nothing more. I can’t think of a single moment in New Warriors that made me stand up and say “THAT looks awesome”. That said, it’s hardly ugly. You’ll notice the distinct lack of Greg Land in the credits.

Yep, it's a fun book.
All in all, New Warrirors Volume 1: The Kids Are All Fight is an entertaining volume, and it’s a crying shame that Marvel is calling an end to the series while keeping the awful Uncanny Avengers going. It gets a three out of five Wolverines.


+ Nice balance of characters.

+ Action and dialogue blend well.

- Last story arc is less impressive.

Alternate Option: Scarlet Spider: Life After Death
Another Yost gem.

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